SHARE has an elasticsearch API endpoint that can be used for searching SHARE’s normalized data, as well as for compiling summary statistics and analyses of the completeness of data from the various sources.


Fields Indexed by Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch can be used to search the following fields in the normalized data:


Accessing the Search API

Using curl

You can acess the API via the command line using a basic query string with curl:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{
    "query": {
        "query_string" : {
            "query" : "test"
}' https://share.osf.io/api/v2/search/creativeworks/_search

The elasticsearch API also allows you to aggregate over the whole dataset. This query will also return an aggregation of which sources do not have a value specified for the field “language”:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{
    "aggs": {
        "sources": {
            "significant_terms": {
                "percentage": {},
                "size": 0,
                "min_doc_count": 1,
                "field": "sources"
    "query": {
        "bool": {
            "must_not": [
                    "exists": {
                        "field": "language"
}' https://share.osf.io/api/v2/search/creativeworks/_search

For more information on sending elasticsearch queries and aggregations, check out the elasticsearch query DSL documentation.

You can also use the SHARE Discover page to generate query DSL. Use the filters in the sidebar to construct a query, then click “View query body” to see the query in JSON form.

Searching for ORCIDs

Get all works where contributors have ORCID identifiers: https://share.osf.io/api/v2/search/creativeworks/_search?q=lists.contributors.identifiers:orcid.org

In the results, the ORCID will be listed under: _source → lists → contributors → (contributor) → identifiers

    timed_out: false,
    hits: {
        total: 204235,
        hits: [
            _id: "XXXX-XXX-XXX",
            _source: {
                id: "XXXX-XXX-XXX",
                date_updated: "2016-04-23T07:31:31+00:00",
                title: "Title Example",
                date: "2016-04-23T07:31:31+00:00",
                description: "Example of a search result containing an ORCID.",
                contributors: [...],
                date_created: "2016-11-28T22:21:09.917395+00:00",
                date_modified: "2016-11-29T14:18:49.745627+00:00",
                date_published: null,
                lists: {
                    contributors: [
                            given_name: "T.",
                            types: [
                            order_cited: 133,
                            identifiers: [
                            cited_as: "T. User",
                            family_name: "User",
                            relation: "creator",
                            name: "T. User",
                            type: "person",
                            id: "XXXX-XXX-XXX"

Search for an ORCID identifier: https://share.osf.io/api/v2/search/creativeworks/_search?q=lists.contributors.identifiers:”XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX”